Congratulations, you have completed Nursing School. Now what? How are you ever going to remember all of the concepts that you learned in two years or more to successfully pass NCLEX? Are you nervous? Overwhelmed? Have too many books, and notes? Tired of answering questions?

Ready To Pass is the key to your NCLEX success. Our prep courses are designed to help you integrate the knowledge that you have acquired in nursing school. In these courses you will learn how to use what you already know. You will develop your critical thinking skills and turn your knowledge into a powerful toolset.

The instructors employ a unique teaching style which includes a multi-sensory approach to accommodate the diverse population that they serve. This approach differs greatly from many review courses that focus on answering questions. Innovative teaching techniques are employed and students are allowed to participate actively. We teach you how to think and synthesize difficult concepts. We fill in the gaps that you may be missing.

Are you Ready To Pass?