Good Morning!
I attended the Aug28-Sep02 review class and I am proud to tell you that i passed my NCLEX and now I am a License Registered Nurse!
I am a foreign graduate nurse and its been 8years since I graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing. I have never worked as a nurse nor continue studying after that. In other words, its been a very long time that I have been away from my profession. I didn’t follow the 30day rule because I didn’t ¬†feel prepared (confidence wise) and wanted more time to go over the book and questionnaire again. I took the NCLEX last October 30 (my birthday). The computer stopped at 116 questions. I was there for 2.5 hours.
Today, i just saw my name on the Maryland Board of Nursing website with a license number and active status.
Thank you so much Ms. Savain and Ms. Gordon for being a tool to help me reach my goals. Its been a pleasure attending the class. I pray that you continue to help more people realize their dreams. To you and your whole staff, I am forever grateful.
Very Respectfully,