Hello Ladies,

I enrolled in your review class after graduating in May. I attended the week of June 9th-12th 2015 class. I took your advice and scheduled the exam within a month of attending the review class and I passed!!! I am overjoyed and so excited about the great news that I had to email you guys and let you hear it too! Imagine my surprise? I passed on the first try! I know you had mentioned you would like to hear from the people who took the exam. Here is what I think.

I believe your review class made us more than ready to pass…no pun intended. The content review and tools you offer were all valuable resources. I felt better equipped with the books you provided rather than going through and trying to sort out what to study on my own. The information you gave us was concise and clear. It narrowed down the areas to focus in on without overwhelming us. So many people said to take the Ready to Pass class over any other review class out there. These people had taken your class too. They swore by you guys and they were absolutely right.

I cannot thank you enough; for putting this book together, for your very informative classes, for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us, and for working tirelessly to make sure we were ready to pass. A million thanks for all you ladies do. I would like you to know your efforts are so greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,